Counselling or Psychotherapy

Avrill Collett, BACP registered, counselling, professional, UK, Midlands, Northamptonshire, Northants
Avril Collett, MBACP
Qualified Integrative Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Avril Collett, BACP,, counselling, northampton, northamptonshire, therapy

Do you ever wish someone would listen to you?   
I offer that time, respect and confidentiality

Just for you

Both counselling and psychotherapy involve talking to someone who is trained to actively listen and there is no definitive distinction between them.

So why is there a choice?

Counselling is a talking therapy which offers you a 'safe' space, private and confidential where you can explore any issues which are impacting on your day to day living.  This brief therapy may consist of 6, 8 or occasionally 10 -12 sessions.

Psychotherapy is used to look at deeper issues, perhaps those that occurred at a much earlier stage of life which are still causing problems and exploring ways to get closure which can then enable you to get on with living your life.

These sessions may take many months or even years and some clients prefer to have more than one session a week and for the sessions to be on-going.

As an Integrative therapist I call upon many theories to give you, my client the very best possible practice.